How to Choose The Perfect Hair Accessories for your Wedding Day

How to Choose The Perfect Hair Accessories for your Wedding Day

The most important thing to consider when choosing a headpiece is how it makes you feel. It’s so easy to get stressed about the details but don’t forget to focus on choosing a gorgeous wedding hair accessory you love and will make you feel amazing on the day!
Take a look at your personal style and the theme and feel of your wedding. You still want to look like yourself and be true to your unique style as you don’t want to completely move away from your own taste.


Your Hairstyle
The second thing you will have to consider is your hairstyle as this impacts what
accessories will work whether your hair is in an upstyle or you have opted for a more simple, relaxed look.
For curly hairstyles why not consider a hair comb which would compliment your soft waves placed to the side of your head or try a stunning statement headband which would work perfectly with your curls or a soft upstyle.
We advise holding out on choosing your hair accessories until you have chosen a hairstyle and consider if you would like the headpiece at the front, side or back of your hair.
Considering your dress style is the most important when choosing a hairstyle and accessories as it will set the whole style of your look on your day. Take into
consideration whether you prefer a more simple or embellished style. If your dress is quite simple, you could opt for a more detailed headpiece as you have more options to choose from. If your dress is fully detailed and embellished , consider a more simple type of accessory like a delicate piece.

Wedding Theme
Remember to consider the wedding theme, if it’s a destination or beach wedding you may opt for a more boho or effortless style for example, beachy waves with a simple italian tulle veil or a delicate headpiece whereas a more classic wedding theme may call for a more timeless, elegant piece for example a tiara, as it can create a beautiful classic look or a dramatic statement, depending on the style.

Colour Pallette
While silver accessories on your wedding day has always been the more traditional look, on trend right now we are seeing more introduction of colours like gold, rose-gold and ivory. For a more consistent look, don’t forget to coordinate your jewellery and accessories with your bridal party.
Now that we’ve covered your personal style, wedding theme and colour palette, how do you know exactly what type of hair accessory to choose?

Hair combs and clips are the most popular amongst our brides, with so many styles, colours and sizes to choose from, you will find the perfect one for you. Hair combs work well with upstyles, whether it is at the side or the back of your hair, they may also be worn with your hair down and swept to the side for a more relaxed look.
Headbands and tiaras are the perfect way to compliment your overall wedding look. Whether your dress is simple or detailed there is surely a style of headband or tiara for you. If your dress is more simple this will give you the freedom to rock a more detailed or statement piece and if your dress is more on the embellished, detailed side, a simple and uncomplicated piece may be what you need to tie your look together.
Hair vines are the perfect, on trend way to compliment your updo on your wedding day. This type of hair accessory would suit a beachy, boho vibe but also would compliment a more classic look.

We hope that all these tips have helped you and the most important thing is to
remember to be true to yourself and that you feel beautiful and confident. There are no rules when deciding what works best for you on your big day.

Best wishes,
Emma and Grace x