Low Key Hen Party

Low Key Hen Party

**Low Key Hen Party**

This blog goes out to all the ladies who dream of a lowkey, wholesome hen party with their nearest and dearest. Some brides don’t fancy a big shindig and the OTT celebrations - a simple and toned down get together is just enough to mark the occasion. 

Large hen parties can sometimes be overwhelming and can cause anxiety with the planning and numbers and some brides can find this daunting. 

For the more low key brides a small hen party minus the pressures means they can truly enjoy their party and have the best memories.

Here are the Top 10 Low Key Hen Party Ideas that we think would be ideal for the most chilled bride, a BrideChilla if you will! 

1. Spa Day 

Picture the fluffy robes, slippers and a bubbly glass of prosecco with your bride tribe in the most peaceful spa. This is ideal for the low key bride who just wants a day of pampering with her girls in the lead up to her big day. Afterwards the bride and her squad can go for a nice lunch and catch up before the evening activities commence. 

2. Girls Night At Home

We all love a girls night at home - a romcom, popcorn, sweets, facemasks, the lot!
You can all buy matching PJ’s and have a sleepover like the old days and feel the memories flood in from teenage years when slumber parties were the norm. A totally fuss free way to celebrate your hen party without any added stresses.

3.  Bottomless Brunch

Our two favourite things - brunch and prosecco! Get dressed up with your girls and spend the afternoon sipping on prosecco with your avocado toast. The most fun and fuss free way to catch up with your girls and discuss all things wedding. Bottomless brunch requires very little prep and doesn’t last all day, for brides who want something short and sweet. 

4.  Glamping 

Many brides would squirm at the thought of camping for their hen party, but glamping - now that’s something we can get on board with! Rent out your own luxury tent or cabin and stay up all night chatting with your besties. Some glamping spots even have hot tubs for the ultimate weekend getaway.

5.  Cocktail Night

Whether you want to go out to a cocktail bar and get served some classy cocktails or stay at home and have a go at whipping them up yourself, cocktail night is always a good idea. Give each of your bride squad a specific cocktail and you can all judge who is the master of the cocktails.

6.  Craft Night 

If you’re looking for a chillaxed night and no hangover, a crafts night is perfect for you and your besties. A wholesome get together to catch up and get creative, spend your evening crown making, jewellery making or garter making. You could also book into a pottery class or live painting and really expose the true artists in your circle. 

7.  Murder Mystery Night

Host a real life murder mystery night for all the Cluedo fans - you can all dress up and look the part and really get a feel for the characters and play the part. How well do you know your bride tribe, can you call their bluff? Take advantage of the night and debrief after with some wine and chats to end the night. 
8.  Wine and Cheese Tasting Night 
The perfect chilled hen party get-together for all our sophisticated, low key brides who appreciate a good wine tasting and charcuterie board over a crazy night out. Do this at home or book somewhere to make it totally stress free. Indulge in all the different flavours and tastes and learn about where the products have come from. 

9.  Yoga Retreat

A peaceful yoga retreat is the absolute opposite to your standard hen party night out, but for some brides this is the ideal activity for her hen party. Book a weekend away and bring your yoga leggings and come home zen, chillaxed and feeling great. This is the perfect way to spend your hen party for those health conscious brides who want to keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum.

10.  Clothes Swap Night

This is a guaranteed laugh for your low key hen party. Everyone chooses a name from a hat and must try their best to dress like them. Give it everything and see if your besties guess who you’re impersonating. Enjoy with a glass of wine for the ultimate night full of fun! 
We hope you chilled out brides can take some inspo from this blog for your low key hen party! A night you will remember forever with your bride tribe should be enjoyable for all - especially the bride! 
Best wishes, 
Grace x