Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Choosing Your Wedding Theme


The theme of your wedding is something that should reflect both your personalities and portray your relationship perfectly. When people walk into your venue they should get an immediate feel for your vibe as a couple. Being true to yourselves and sticking to what you like is key in picking your fabulous wedding theme. 

When choosing your wedding theme it’s important to have a cohesive aesthetic and ambience, so everything ties in and looks truly amazing. This means having your invites, flowers, decorations, souvenirs and even your bridesmaids within a similar colour scheme. 


Some of our favourite themes are botanical rustic, beach, boho, minimalistic and vintage - but there are many more to choose from!

To narrow down your theme, considering different parts of you and your husband-to-be’s journey can help. For example, where did you meet? What hobbies or passions do you share? Do you both prefer casual or formal events? Show different parts of your relationship through your theme using souvenirs, table games,colours etc. Keeping it as personal as possible is going to portray your passions and shared interests as a couple. 


In today's blog we have focused on a few key elements for you to focus on when deciding on a wedding theme to make it a little bit easier to make a decision. 



Your choice of venue deciphers the whole aesthetic of your wedding. You need to consider whether you want an outdoor or indoor wedding, a big wedding or a more small and intimate one. Can your venue cater for your specifications and pull off the theme? 


The colour scheme is a big contributing factor to perfecting your overall theme on your big day. First you need to decide whether you want to take a minimalistic approach or if you’d prefer a more extravagant style. Consider colours that you and your fiance usually wear and like - do you prefer neutral colours, bright, dark or pastel? Your colour choice also depends on the time of year you intend to get married in. Autumnal weddings are associated with oranges, browns, yellows and reds, whereas spring weddings scream pastel colours like pink, blue, yellow.  

The colour scheme you choose should tie in nicely with your bridesmaids, flowers, table decorations etc. 


Your theme and venue must cater to your desired budget. Price around for potential venues and ensure they are capable of pulling off the theme you want at a reasonable price. If you are hoping for a low budget wedding, consider an outdoors type of ceremony and reception to keep costs down. If your budget is a little bit higher this gives you more wiggle room to make the most of your theme and really pull it off! After all, when you both start your married life, you don’t want to be super broke after splashing out on a crazy wedding. 


In the lead up to your wedding try to gather as much inspiration as you can. Use the internet to your advantage, Pinterest, Instagram and even TikTok are all great places to search and save your favourite posts. Follow influencers who you love and save their posts so you can look back when you need some inspo.  You can also use magazines and create a mood board to narrow down your choices. 


We hope these tips will help you and your partner choose your special wedding theme to perfectly portray your personalities and traits as a couple, and to look back fondly on your big day in years to come.

Best of luck, 

Grace xx