Hayley & Gary

Bride Name: Hayley Given 
Groom Name: Gary Scott 
Wedding Date: 21-5-22
Wedding Photographer: Liam Anderson 
Wedding Venue: Radisson Blue in letterkenny 
Firstly- tell us about your dress? 
"My dress was my dream of being a princess for the day come true!"
It was the third dress I tried on and I knew it was the one. It had the sparkle I needed, the Lace, the fabulous mermaid style and I got a flower crown from Pearls and Lace also to go with the perfect dress! I've never been happier in a dress and it was just a bonus that it made my mum and nanny cry happy tears! 
The Details 
I wanted to feel like a princess and loved the mermaid style dresses and a little sparkle. I had a flower crown from Pearls and Lace also to go with the over all look and simple earings as well as a custom made statement necklace for me and my bridesmaids.
The Bridal Party 
I kept the bridesmaids simple and sweet, as they were all different body shapes and wanted to suit them all. They wore long, elegant dresses in a teal color with a statement necklace that was custom made. The groomsmen wore black suits and teal ties to match the bridesmaids and the groom wore a grey suit.
Advice for other Brides  
 My advice is to take it day by day and to not stress to much. If you write down all the individual tasks and tick them off one by one it's a lot less overwhelming and easier to plan. I'd also say to keep as little people involved in the planning as possible, that too many people and opinions will just be too stressful and may not even be what you want. In the end the wedding should be a day for you and your partner and something yous both planned and enjoyed together.
What was your most memorable moment of your special day?

The most memorable moment of the day was the funniest! We were taking photos in the church after the ceremony and our dog who was part of the wedding and included in photos decided my dress looked so fun and he decided to drop into it and roll in it ! We all burst out laughing at our attempts of cute photos our our wee family, when our dog Bear clearly had other ideas! Apart from that my favourite part was simply just being in the car on the way to the venue with my husband while we laughed and talked and shared our excitement over the day that was happening!