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Shopping Tips & Advice for Wedding Veils

Veils...The Perfect Finishing Touch

We are a little biased but we are always Team Veil here at Pearls & Lace :-)

We offer exquisite Veils, Hair Accessories (link) and Jewellery (link) to complete your wedding day look.

Soft and flowing, wedding veils are the ultimate bridal accessory and the perfect finishing touch whether you are having a relaxed boho style wedding or a glamorous formal affair.

The best starting point is the shape and style of your wedding dress. As a general guide, your veil should accentuate and be proportional to your dress.  This means it shouldn’t overpower or take away from the details of the dress. Doing so can be distracting and also interrupt the flow of your overall look.

If your dress is busy and features lots of pretty details, find a simple veil with a clean raw edge. If your dress is simple, choose a veil with intricate details such as a lace embellishment or floral accents to add dimension to your gown.

What Colour Veil Should I Order?

The Three main colours is White, Ivory or Off White.

The best thing to do to reassure yourself would be to ask us to confirm the colour of wedding dress you have ordered as some dresses look white however they could be an Ivory colour.

How long should my Wedding Veil be?

Standard full-length veils

FingerTip Length (43” Single Tier or 72” Double Tier)Floor length (78" Single Tier or 108” Double Tier)Chapel length (98" Single Tier or 126” Double Tier)Cathedral length (114" Single Tier or 144” Double Tier)Abbey length (151” Single Tier or 180” Double Tier). 

Pearl Veil
Pearl Veil
Lace Veil
Horse Hair Veil
Plain Italian Tulle Veil
Glitter Tulle Veil

My dress has lace. Should I get a matching lace veil?

When it comes to matching up to a lace dress, we find brides tend to be in one of two camps. They either decide that the dress is detailed enough and any more lace would be too much, or they fall in love with lace so much that there’s no such thing as too much anymore! 

New at Pearls & Lace! - We can now order extra motifs/lace the exact same as your wedding dress to offer you a custom veil bespoke for you to match your dress exactly.  We can also order you and your fiance's lace initials to insert into your veil if you’d like to add as a personal touch. Our bridal consultants will talk you through this during your consultation.

How do you Store a Wedding Veil?

Caring for your bridal veil at home, especially if it’s a very long one, can take some careful planning. The absolute ideal situation would be if someone has a spare bedroom where it can be left to hang, undisturbed right up until the wedding. Obviously, this won’t be possible for everyone. You may have no option but to leave it packaged until nearer the date. At that time, it would naturally have acquired some wrinkles. To help smooth them out, you can steam it at home using a hand-held steamer, (please make sure not to Iron your veil, trust us it’s not a good idea!).

Should my headpiece be attached to my veil?

It’s more common for them to be separate pieces. That way, if you want to remove your veil later on for the reception you still have a pretty hair accessory in place.

Check out some of our gorgeous headpieces.

How much to Wedding Veils Cost?

Our Wedding Veils range from €80 to €450 and custom designs can go beyond depending on the design.

Do you wear a veil during the evening reception?

It’s really up to you. There are no hard and fast rules, it’s Your Day! But I think if you have opted for a long one you would probably want to remove it at some point during the evening. Even if it’s just to stop other guests standing on it

For shorter styles, fingertip length or above, you could easily wear it all day and all night and forget it’s even there!

We are always here to help :-) contact us on with any questions at all xx