Shannon & Hayden

Bride Name: Shannon Brophy
Groom Name: Hayden McGurk
Wedding Date: 8th April 2022
Wedding Photographer: Denise Leacock Photography
Wedding Venue: Lough Erne Resort and Spa
1. My dress was the Shannon Dress which coincidentally shared the same name as me😍 it definitely wasn’t something I thought would suit me but from the minute I seen it on Instagram I knew I needed to try it on and I am so glad that I did!! Pearls and Lace was the first Bridal Shop I had went to and the very first dress I had ever tried on ended up being the one. They always tell you that what you think you want isn’t necessarily what you end up going for so my advice would definitely be to go in with an open mind, and be willing to try something out there that you may not usually like. My dress had the most stunning long train with a beautiful lace design and for me it absolutely sold it and it made me feel like a princess. I had asked to see the “Shannon” Dress so technically I did pick it but I think I knew it was the one when both my mum and my maid of honour got super tearful seeing me in it and I just felt good in it. 
2. My dress is beautiful beading on the top half of the dress so I didn’t go overboard with accessories to be honest because I didn’t want to take away from how stunning the dress was. I bought my earrings in Pearls and Lace because it was a pair that Noleen happened to bring out in the appointment and they just suited the dress perfectly..I think they are called the Sara Earrings. I also had a long cathedral style veil with lacing that matched the train of my dress perfectly. I am all for modern so that was the kind of style that I was going for. In terms of flowers we went for baby pinks, whites and baby blues just to tie in with the theme of spring and pastel colours are just out of this world. 
3. The bridesmaids were in a Chi Chi London dress that was like a silver/blue tinge to tie in with the light blue spring theme that we were sticking too. The groom was dressed in a navy suit with grey waistcoat and a navy tie from Freddie Hatchetts and the groomsmen were in the navy suit but with a navy waistcoat and navy tie also from Freddie Hatchetts. 
4. My one piece of advice would be to honestly not sweat the small stuff, everything just falls into place on the day. I was an absolute nervous wreck the day before mine so didn’t get to enjoy the buildup as much as I would have wanted to and then the big day arrives and it is honestly over before you know it. Just have the most amazing perfect day, you both have worked so hard for it so just enjoy every second. 
Thanks again for helping us have the most perfect day and for treating and making me feel like such a princess during the appointments. You ladies are absolute gems and I wish I could do it all again to try on more amazing dresses. 
With love,
Shannon McGurk